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A comprehensive speech and language assessment is conducted by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), however, other members of a multidisciplinary team (e.g., Family/Caregivers, Physical Therapist, Educator, Behavior Specialist, etc.) also play an important role. This assessment determines the specific communication needs of the child and indicates possible solutions and a treatment plan. Our assessment services are delivered virtually or, in some cases, through a hybrid model of in person and virtual meetings. The assessment includes the following components:


  • Case History 

    • Medical information, education status, cultural and linguistic background, needs assessment, information from related services, etc.


  • Family Interview

    • Family life, needs, concerns, goals, etc.


  • Sensory and Motor Skills

    • Review vision, hearing, cognitive, and motor skills.


  • Test Administration

    • Standardized and/or non-standardized test administration to measure speech and language skills.


  • Identification of potential strategies for intervention

    • Write goals, create a treatment plan, determine a method for tracking progress.


  • Review results

    • Discuss results with the team and work together to achieve success.


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