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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Interact Therapy?

When you select Interact Therapy, you are choosing a team committed to your success. You can be assured that treatment will be completely customized and reflect your priorities. We will work alongside you to design therapy or partnership from our menu of service and then deliver high quality service and results.

How can I get a free consultation?

Click on the Contact Us button and indicate your interest in a free 15 minute consultation. We will give you a call and provide more details based on your needs.

Do you take my medical insurance?

Interact Therapy is a private-pay organization. We can offer a Super Bill for individual possible reimbursement through your own individual health spending program but do not guarantee reimbursement.

Do you think my child needs speech and language services?

Often, just asking that question is a great indicator that a screening or evaluation is warranted. We are happy to help you identify needs and come up with a plan that makes sense to you and offers the best opportunity for growth.

What AAC products do you recommend?

Interact Therapy is committed to providing the gold standard in AAC service, including a feature matching process that directs communicators to various support solutions. We are very familiar with the AAC industry and can suggest a wide variety of tools and technology. As with all our services, you are the partner in determining the best solution.

My child is already receiving speech and language services at school - will you collaborate with that therapist?

Collaboration is one of our core values. We are always happy to establish these connections and work alongside other professionals for the benefit of your child.

How long and frequent are sessions?

This can vary based on type of service and setting. We often suggest 30-45 minute sessions for typical intervention.

What services can you offer to a school district?

Interact Therapy partners with school districts to provide a full range of speech and language services customized to meet the needs of each school district’s specific requirements. Our team of therapists are available to offer services such as evaluations and ongoing therapy, screenings, documentation, IEP development and implementation, attendance at relevant team meetings, consultations to support educational personnel, in-service training, and more. Our therapists work within the schools and with school personnel to deliver appropriate services to those in need, promoting communication and cooperation between the school therapists, teachers, and other members of the school community. Within the schools, our team of therapists can offer essential support to students, while also assisting educators to develop effective strategies for meeting a child's educational goals.

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