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AAC comes in many forms and provides a way for individuals to express themselves. The goal is the find the right system, usually a combination of the following:


No Tech:  Facial expressions, gestures, sign language

Low Tech: Communication boards, books, symbol cards

High Tech: Touch screen tablets and eye gaze systems that convert pictures, words, and letters into voice output


Our team has decades of experience working with individuals who have complex communication and access needs, and we offer the following services:


  • AAC Screening and Evaluations

  • AAC Classroom Implementation Support

  • AAC Coaching

  • Professional Development (AAC specific)

  • Team Collaboration and Curriculum Support


Our  AAC services can be delivered via a virtual platform or, in some cases, through a hybrid model of both in person and virtual meetings. Want more information about our AAC services? Use the form below to contact us.

Augmentative and 
Communication Supports

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